Knives Out-Tokyo Royale

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By NetEase Games (36 apps)

Released: Nov 14, 2017 85,465 total ratings Price: Free
Updated: Feb 9, 2018 186,657 downloads 30 days In-App Purchases: 10


【100 enter, but only 1 emerges】
100 players are scattered throughout the massive battlefield. Explore the map, collect weapons, take aim, and pull the trigger. Remember, there can only be one winner!

【It's a big bad world out there】
Explore islands, snow-capped mountains, train tunnels and other unique locations while you wait for your moment to strike!

【Team Up, Speed Up, Tear Up】
Storm the battlefield with battle buddies in Duo Mode, Squad Mode and Fireteam Mode. Coordinate your attacks with your teammates using voice chat to outmaneuver and crush your enemies.

【Play with your own rules】
It doesn't matter if you choose to ambush your enemy or attack head on, snipe from a distance or get close and messy, there is only one objective, survive at all costs!

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Price: Free

Top In-App Purchases:
1. 60 Vouchers $0.99
2. 680 Vouchers $9.99
3. 180 Vouchers $2.99
4. 300 Vouchers $4.99
5. 1280 Vouchers $19.99
6. 1980 Vouchers $29.99
7. Monthly Card $4.99
8. Weekly Card $0.99
9. 3280 Vouchers $49.99
10. 6480 Vouchers $99.99


ZH: 【100 enter, but only 1 emerges】 100 players are scattered throughout the 6400m*6400m battlefield....

Device Compatibility

AppleWatch No
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iPhone Yes
iPad Yes
iMessage App No

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Available in 150 countries. Not available in:
Korea, Republic Of
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

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