Fishing Strike

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By Netmarble Corporation (93 apps)

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Join us in the aquatic gaming-adventure! Play the fishing game of a lifetime!

Use your skills to catch, collect, and sell over 500 special and rare types of fish!
Are you ready to battle with the fish?

■■■■■Game Features■■■■■

#1. Netmarble has ambitiously created a Next Generation Fishing Game!
Realistic Graphics! Exciting Action! Feelings of true suspense! Enjoy the best fishing game there is, prepared just for you by Netmarble!

#2. Angler Skills and a feeling of tension!
Gather Anglers to fish and grow with! Get the tense feeling of fishing with your Anglers and their exciting skills!

#3. There’s no more need to spend hours waiting! Go catch all the fish you want!
Check out the underwater world while choosing the fish you want to catch!

#4. World-renowned Fishing Spots rendered in Realistic Graphics! Perfectly modeled Fish!
Catch over 500 types of Fish that truly look real-to-life in perfectly-rendered, world-renowned Fishing Holes!

#5. Appreciate your Aquarium even more with VR and AR!
Go make your own Aquarium, and bring it to life with VR Mode! Then get a 360-degree view of fish moving realistically with AR Mode!

Next Generation Fishing Game! Enjoy it now!

Find out everything about Fishing Strike all in one place!
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Price: Free

Top In-App Purchases:
1. 1000 Gems (event) $9.99
2. Big Fish Pakage $0.99
3. 300 Gems (event) $2.99
4. 500 Gems (event) $4.99
5. 1,000 Gems $9.99
6. 3,000 Gems $29.99
7. 500 Gems $4.99
8. 300 Gems $2.99
9. Tour Package (Limited Edition) $19.99
10. Platinum Lucky Package $2.99


EN: Take a peek underwater to catch the fish you want! Feel like you’re really fishing with awesome...

JA: 水中で釣りたい魚を選択可能!華麗なスキルとアクションを体験しよう! 完璧に再現された世界中の有名なフィッシングスポットで本物よりもリアルな約500種の魚を釣り上げよう!...

KO: 물 속을 들여다보며 잡고 싶은 물고기를 고르세요! 화려한 스킬과 액션으로 낚시의 손 맛을 느끼세요! 완벽 구현된 전세계 유명 낚시터에서 실제보다 더 리얼한 500여 종의...

ZH: 观赏水中场景的同时别忘记选择想要的鱼!运用华丽的技能和动作体验钓鱼的手感! 在完美重现的全世界钓鱼圣地上,有500多种鱼类等着你捕获! ■■■■■游戏特征■■■■■ #1....

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